14 Blue Regional




2024 Tournament Schedule

Date Tournament Location
Jan 13th- 14th Icebreaker Louisville. KY
Jan 20th- 21st Central Zone Championships Indianapolis, IN
Feb 10th- 11th Union Heartbreaker Louisville, KY
Feb 24th- 25th MAVA Club Challenge Louisville, KY
Mar 9th- 10th Adidas Bluegrass Tournament Louisville, KY
Mar 23rd- 24th Union Spring Break Louisville, KY
Apr 20th- 21st MAVA Fireworks Classic Louisville, KY
Apr 27th- 28th Volley for the Roses Louisville, KY
May 12th Pioneer Region Championships Louisville, KY
May 25th- 26th Memorial Day Classic Louisville, KY
June 1st- 2nd Munciana Classic Muncie, IN
June 10th - 11th Adidas Midwest Championships Louisville, KY

Coaches: Catherine Hughes and Steven Miritello

No. Name Position Grade Height Grade School
1 Mikayla Campos DS 8th 5'6 Notre Dame Academy
6 Kylie Thacker MH 8th 5'10 Charlestown Middle School
8 Kensley Cormney OH 8th 5'2 Meyzeek Middle School
9 Carsyn Morgan DS 8th 5'0 Christian Educational Consortium
11 Lyla Duke S 8th 5'6 Bernheim Middle School
12 Sidney Lee S/DS 8th 5'1 Anchorage Middle School
15 Elizabeth Belle Brown MH/OH 8th 5'9 Sacred Heart Model School
21 Ella Thompson DS 8th 5'2 St. Paul
23 Elayna Crigler OH 8th 5'8 John Paul II Academy
33 Parker Lilly OPP 8th 5'7 Our Lady of Lourdes
34 Avery Pryor MH 8th 5'9 St. Patrick