Strength & Conditioning

Katie Adams, CPT 

My name is Katie Adams, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. As my mom loves to say I never did learn how to walk, I just went from crawling to running. I’ve always loved being active and from a young age developed a positive relationship with fitness, sports, and sport specific training. My love for movement started with dance when I was in Kindergarten. I traded my tutu in for spandex and fell in love with volleyball and cross-country in grade school. I played collegiate volleyball at Bellarmine University where I graduated with a BA in Exercise Science with an emph. on Sports Performance. After I hung up my jersey for the last time I was on to the next challenge, completing an Ironman. In 2019 I completed Ironman Louisville in the city I love surrounded by the people who helped me get to where I am today. The journey to these milestones hasn’t always been easy though. In high school I realized I wasn’t the only student-athlete dealing with the mental challenges it takes to perform at the top level in the classroom and on the court. The importance of positive mindsets and mental perseverance is something I try to ingrain into the athletes I work with. It truly does take time and practice! Being mindful of your body is one of the top skills an athlete can gain. Mindfulness of the body can include anything from sleep behavior, nutrition habits, being honest with mental health, honoring and accepting the body that lets you move, meditation, asking for help, and generating positivity and love to others. Educating and providing training to youth athletes with a focus on proper strength training, injury prevention, and mindset is one of my driving passions!