14 Purple Regional



2024 Tournament Schedule

Date Tournament Location
Jan 13th- 14th Icebreaker Louisville, KY
Jan 27th- 28th Union Classic Louisville, KY
Feb 3rd- 4th MAVA Winter Classic Louisville, KY
Feb 10th- 11th Union Heartbreaker Louisville, KY
Feb 24th- 25th MAVA Club Challenge Louisville, KY
Mar 2nd- 3rd Union Challenge Louisville,KY
Mar 9th- 10th Adidas Bluegrass Tournament Louisville, KY
Mar 23rd- 24th Union Spring Break Classic Louisville, KY
Apr 13th- 14th UNION Fleur De Lis Fest Louisville, KY
Apr 27th- 28th Thoroughbred Challenge Louisville, KY
May 11th Pioneer Region Championships Louisville, KY
May 25th-26th Memorial Day Classic Louisville, KY
June 8th- 9th Adidas Midwest Championships Louisville, KY



Coaches: Alice Rodgerson and Christian White

No. Name Position Grade Height Grade School
1 Addison Pike S 7th 5'5 St. Gabriel
5 Royal White DS 8th 5'2 Sacred Heart Model School
6 Baylee Bland DS 8th 5'2 Our Lady of Lourdes School
12 Presley Dalton S 8th 5'1 St. Raphael
14 Addison Bailey OPP 7th 5'4 St. Athanasius
16 Isabella Poff OH/DS 8th 5'4 North Oldham Middle School
17 Molly Kate Cook MH 8th 5'7 Anchorage Independent Public School
19 Brooke Birnsteel MH 8th 5'7 Sacred Heart Model School
22 Ella Morrison OH/DS 8th 5'6 St. Margaret Mary