14 Orange Regional





2024 Tournament Schedule

Date Tournament Location
Jan 13th- 14th Icebreaker Classic Louisville, KY
Jan 27th- 28th Union Classic Louisville, KY
Feb 3rd- 4th MAVA Winter Classic Louisville, KY
Feb 10th- 11th Union Heartbreaker Louisville, KY
Mar 2nd- 3rd Union Challenge Louisville, KY
Mar 9th-10th Adidas Bluegrass Tournament Louisville,KY
Mar 16th Easter Spring Classic Louisville, KY
Apr 13th- 14th UNION Fleur De Lis Fest Louisville, KY
Apr 27th- 28th Volley for the Roses Louisville, KY
May 11th Pioneer Region Championships Louisville, KY
June 8th-9th Adidas Midwest Championships Louisville, KY



Coaches: Joey M. Blankenship and Annelise Buecker

No. Name Position Grade Height Grade School
3 Natalie Stosberg S 8th 5'11 Highland Latin School
8 Lola Ford OPP 8th 5'10 Brown School
9 Samantha McNicol DS 8th 5'4 St. Martha
11 Addisyn Jacobson OH 8th 5'6 Silver Creek Middle School
13 Madison Butler OH 8th 5'7 Hebron Middle School
14 Elizabeth Chang S 8th 5'4 Holy Trinity School
16 Mylie Funk DS 8th 5'7 Zoneton Middle School
19 Stephanie Lowe DS 8h 5'4 Jefferson County Traditional School
22 Celia Barr OH 8th 5'4 St. Raphael
33 Addison Haggard OH 8th 5'7 St. Paul