13 Purple Regional



2024 Tournament Schedule

Date Tournament Location
Jan 13th- 14th Icebreaker Classic Louisville, KY
Jan 27th- 28th Union Classic Louisville, KY
Feb 3rd- 4th MAVA Winter Classic Louisville, KY
Feb 10th- 11th Union Heartbreaker Louisville, KY
Mar 2nd- 3rd UNION Challenge Louisville, KY
Mar 9th- 10th Adidas Bluegrass Tournament Louisville, KY
Mar 16th Easter Spring Classic Louisville, KY
Apr 13th- 14th UNION Fleur De Lis Fest Louisville, KY
Apr 27th- 28th Thoroughbred Challenge Louisville, KY
May 11th Pioneer Region Championships Louisville, KY
May 25th- 26th Memorial Day Classic Louisville, KY
June 8th- 9th Adidas Midwest Championships Louisville, KY

Coaches: Calleigh Baird and Morgan Riggle

No. Name Position Grade Height Grade School
2 Kallie Albanese DS/OH 7th 5'5 St. Bernard
3 Adalie Hodge DS/S 7th 5'2 Christian Academy of Louisville
5 Evelyn Larosa S 7th 5'1 Ascension Catholic School
7 Bella Thurman PH 7th 5'3 St. Bernard
9 Izabella Irwin S 7th 5'2 St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic School
11 Leah Gordon MB 7th 5'9 Ascension Catholic School
15 Courtney Wood DS 7th 4'10 St. Gabriel
18 Molly Davis OH/DS 7th 5'4 St. Patrick
20 Ashlyn Young OH/MB 7th 5'4 St. John Paul II
21 Sophia Gormey MB 7th 5'7 St. Patrick
33 Tenley Clark DS/OH 7th 5'3 St. Bernard