Volleyball Camps

KIVA Sports offers a variety of camps for athletes ranging in age from 4 to 18. Camps are offered at KIVA Sports Center as well as can be done at Satellite locations.

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For athletes K-8th Grade

  • Groups will be split up based upon age.

Fitness Camp Physical Points of Emphasis

  • Proper movement mechanics – Athleticism improving drills – Learning efficient ways to run, jump, land, stop, throw, catch, and explode

Fitness Camp Mental Points of Emphasis

  • Leadership – Teamwork – Friendship – Confidence – Communication – Character
Camp Information

Satelitte Camps

KIVA offers the opportunity for our staff to come to you. Satellite camps are two or three days with a minimum of 15 hours of training.

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Camp Information

Boot Camp

We’ll have more info about our Boot Camps coming soon!

In the meantime, contact Courtney Robinson
502-473-1200 EXT. 224 if you have any questions, or fill out the form to email Courtney.