12 Black National



2024 Tournament Schedule

Date Tournament Location
Jan 13th- 14th Icebreaker Classic Louisville, KY
Jan 27th- 28th MEPL #1 Indianapolis, IN
Feb 3rd- 4th Central Zone Indianapolis, IN
Feb 17th- 19th President's Day St. Louis, MO
Feb 24th- 25th MEPL #2 Muncie, IN
Mar 9th- 10th Adidas Bluegrass Tournament Louisville, KY
Mar 16th Easter Spring Classic Louisville, KY
Mar 23rd- 24th MEPL #3 Louisville, KY
Apr 12th -14th JVA World Challenge Louisville, KY
Apr 27th- 28th Showdown in Smokies Knoxville, TN
May 18th- 19th Indy Cup Indianapolis, IN
May 25th- 26th Memorial Day Classic Louisville, KY
June 13th- 16th AAU’s - CLASSIC Orlando, FL

Coaches: Lizzie Rhoton, Katie Poynter and Trenton Blakely

No. Name Position Grade Height School
4 Lily Aulick S 6th 5'3 South Oldham Middle School
7 Brynn Butler DS 6th 5'1 St. Gabriel
9 Mary Lee Duthie PH 6th 5'9 Holy Spirit School
11 Lydia Heaphy S/DS 6th 5'1 St. Margaret Mary
13 Ruby Goodman DS 6th 4'11 St. Anthony
14 Abby Durbin PH/S 6th 5'5 Kammerer Middle School
18 Camille Pendleton PH 6th 5'1 St. Bernard
20 Isabella Kaelin PH/S 6th 5'6 St. Agnes
24 Mia Liggett PH 6th 5'3 Kentucky Country Day
55 Lakyn Bragg DS 6th 4'7 St. Mary of the Knobs