League Openings


For additional information regarding upcoming leagues please contact our Night League Manager, Gary Young by email, Gary@kivasports.net



Coed C: Ct. 1

Coed C+: Ct. 3


Men’s B: Ct. 1

Coed C+: Ct. 2

Coed C: Ct. 3

Women’s C: Ct. 4


Women’s B: Ct. 2

Women’s C+: Ct. 3

Women’s C: Ct. 4


Coed C: Ct. 1

Current League Schedules

Come join one of our fun and competitive Adult Volleyball Night Leagues! The leagues run four days a week, Tuesday through Friday. We have leagues for men, women and co-ed teams ranging from novice to open level experience. For league requirements and registration fees please scroll to the bottom of the page. Our leagues fill up fast, so don’t wait! Grab a friend and sign up today!



Highest skill level. Collegiate or USAV experience needed.


Strong playing experience; jump serving allowed.


For teams with above-average volleyball skills. Players playing down from a higher league must play to the level of the court. Jump serving is allowed.


A mixture of fun and competition; some knowledge of the game is needed. Players playing down from a higher league must play to the level of the court. NO Jump serving.


For recreational play and beginner teams. League is based on fun more than competition. Skill levels will vary but the goal of this level is the enjoyment of the sport. NO Jump Serving.

Night League Rules

House rules (based on USAV):

  • Players may only play once per court, per night.
  • Players may only play for 1 team during the tournament (even if eliminated on week 1).
  • Subs may only participate in tournament play if they have played, and signed in with ref, once during the regular season.
  • Any contact with the net between the antennae is a violation.
  • Any part of the body crossing the center line, except the hands and feet which must have contact with the center-line, is a violation.
  • Weekly play is two sets to 25 (cap 27) and a third set to 15 (cap 17).
  • Tournament play, First 2 sets start at 4. 3rd set starts at 0. There is no cap.
  • Forfeit rule is 5-5-5. Teams have 5 minutes from the scheduled start time to show up before the first set is forfeited. At the end of the period, there is a 5-minute window before the 2nd set is forfeited and then repeated for the 3rd set.
  • In COED leagues, a team may play with 4 or 5 patrons; there must be a minimum of 2 women on the court with a team of 4 or 5. With a team of 6, the number of men and women must be equal.
  • In COED leagues, if there is more than 1 contact of the ball a female contact must occur.
  • During tournament play, if a court begins to run behind and there is an open court available; teams will use this open court for warm-up. The match will then start immediately following the conclusion of the prior match.
  • OVVC is gearing up for another great year of night leagues. Fall leagues are set to begin the week of September 9th. All teams will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. For further information contact Noelle Kordes, (502) 473-1200 ext. 221.

Contact Us

Adult / Night League Manager:
Gary Young, 473-1200 ext.214

Finance Office:
Kathy Elswick, 473-1200 ext.212

Evening Grill:
Gail Green ext. 215

Referee Information:
Noelle Kordes, 473-1200 ext. 221

Payment Policy

  • Team reservations will be handled on a first come-first serve basis.
  • All league fee’s are due at the time of team registration.
  • If a league does not fill all teams will be reimbursed for money owed.

KIVA Sports reserves the right to accept or withdraw any team and/or player from a night league.